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Super Fanzz - Music Sharing App

The Product

Super Fanzz is a music sharing app that allows musicians to share their new music and new videos directly with their favorite fanzz. Once uploaded, their fanzz will then be able to listen, view, and support their favorite musician’s music.

The Problem

Upcoming musicians need a single app to share their music with their fans. Because of algorithms with social media platforms, fans are unaware when their favorite musicians release new music. Which results in fans not sharing or supporting their music. Musicians need new ways to directly connect with their fans.

Super Fanzz Mobile App Design

The Goal

Our music sharing app will allow musicians to share their music directly with their fans. Which will improve how musicians connect with their fans. This app will provide an easier way for fanzz to support their favorite musician’s content on social media. Effectiveness will be measured by the number of posts shared by super fanzz.

My Role

Lead UX Designer and Lead UX Researcher

My Responsibilities

  • User Research
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping

Super Fanzz Survey Promo Video

I created this video to promote the UX survey online. 

User Research

The research was conducted using 2 different methods. I used a survey form that I promoted online to gather artist’s feedback. I also interviewed multiple artists using the same form. The interview was personal and I was able to ask further questions.

Research Questions

  • What can we learn from the process of musicians sharing their music?
  • What can we learn from the current apps musicians use to share music?
  • How often do musicians share their music?
  • What can we learn from musicians’ statistics after they share their music?
  • What can we learn from fans on how they would like to be notified of their favorite musician’s new music?


My assumptions changed after conducting the research. I went into this project from a musician’s perspective with a perceived bias on why artists would need a music sharing app when they can share music all over social media with the current social media apps available.

I did not realize the steps it took for musicians to go into each app to promote their music. Then their posts are faced with a number of factors including social media algorithms that do not allow their music to be viewed.

Number One Pain Point

Pain Point

Fans are not sharing their music on social media.

Number Two Pain Point

Pain Point

Their new music doesn’t get enough attention when it is released.

Number Three Pain Point

Pain Point

Not social media savvy. Too much time and effort to post across multiple platforms.

Number Four Pain Point

Pain Point

Many fans report to musicians that they do not see their new music.

Persona 1

TayTechnologies Super Fanzz Persona artists 1

Persona 2

TayTechnologies Super Fanzz Persona artists 2

User Journey Mapping

I found it compelling how musicians flow through recording a song and then having to share it with their fans. This allowed me to find considerable ways to enhance their experience.

Super Fanzz Artist User Journey Map

Paper Wireframes

My goal was to focus on the initial home screen to make it easy for users to see their fans, statistics,and upload new music quickly.

Super fanzz low fidelity wireframe 1
Super fanzz low fidelity wireframe 2

Digital Wireframes

I wanted to focus on making the home screen a central place where users can upload, share, see their fanzz, and statistics.

Super Fanzz Digital Wireframe thoughts

Redesigned Wireframe

I redesigned the home screen to allow the elements flow from top to bottom instead of being crammed toward the bottom. This allows users to promptly upload and share music, see their top fans, and view their statistics all in one place. This results in a better user flow as users typically scroll mobile screens from top to bottom.

Redesigned Super Fanzz Digital Wireframe thoughts

Low Fidelity Prototype

This demonstrates the main user flow on how quick a user can upload new content and share it.

Usability Study Findings

Usability Study low fidelity round 1 and round 2 feedback


I ensured that the statistics are not only working and displaying properly, but also designed with accessibility considerations in mind, enabling all users to fully perceive and understand the impact their fanzz are having on their music

  • I checked the color contrast against webAim
  • The profile screen is clearly organized and easy to navigate. I used the hierarchy principle
  • I followed Gestalt principles similarity, proximity, and common region
Super Fanzz Mockup feedback


Super Fanzz Sign up home screen
Super Fanzz Musician home screen
Super Fanzz Musician's Profile
Super Fanzz Share Screen
Super fanzz share song screen

Moving Forward

Tayvon Lewis Cross Systems Coordinator

Tayvon Lewis


What I learned throughout this project is that a design is never finished. The users who use the product should always be included in the design decisions. Their ideas, pain points, thoughts, and feelings should always be considered first. The Super Fanzz project has been in discussion with investors.